Here you can create and place links to articles about any SP related projects you're working on. I'll organize it if it starts getting too long.

Projects List[]

Intellicube Line[]

A line of adaptable cube-shaped robots, which can be downloaded, modified and re-uploaded by anyone.

Creator: Barack

Project Page: On the 3D warehouse ----- On the Wiki

Ford Escape SketchyPhysics 3 RC1[]

A collaborative project on a SketchyPhysics vehicle, using switchable light effects, a first person view camera, and thruster grip technology.

Creator: Mr Planet

Contributors: Hobbnob, jake, Rogue®, Wacov , Google, Blank

Project Page: On the 3D warehouse----- On the Wiki



An extremely large off-roading game, with thruster and flame effect boost and a unique controllable camera.

Creator: Wacov

Project Page: On the 3D warehouse----- On the Wiki


Even bigger game, currently in design stages.

Creator: Wacov

Collaborators: Mr Planet, Physicsguy, Hobbnob

Project Page: On the Wiki

L85 series[]

Uses lazyscript to create realistic weapons. All statics finished, one sketchyphysics version finished

collaborators: Camokid11(tester)

creator: hobbnob

Exploration Vehicle[]

A very large off road vehicle capable of transporting vehicles in its hold.

Creator: Sgt.A.Johnson

Contributors: Hobbnob

Project Page: On the 3D warehouse----- On the Wiki

Helicopter range[]

im starting to make a range of helicopter that all fly in a similar way. so far ive got a Robinson R22 and an AW-101 Merlin. I have also got an AH-1 Cobra but it seems to not fly well, so ill be deleting it. need idea for more helicopters to make. email me at for any ideas.

Creator: Camokid11

Project page: On the Wiki

PM Supertank Line[]

A powerful line of heavy artillery tanks. The latest one has 2 machine guns and a lasergun in addition to the main cannon. This particular version has enough firepower to destroy smaller tanks in one or two hits. (No, really)

Creator: Platypus5

Project page: The latest version-----On the Wiki

Revenge series[]

A ShetchyPhysics game in which the main character, a swordsman, is looking for a general that is responsible for dishonorably discharging him from the Marines when he did nothing wrong.

Creator: xXTehRogueXx

Contributors: Platypus5

Project Page: On the 3D Warehouse-----On the wiki