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I have been using sketchy physics for about a year. Most of my basic knowledge is self taught which kinda proves the best way to learn SP (sketchy physics) is by playing around with it. The more recent SP3 functions I learnt from the sketchup community forums and then built up on by playing around with a basic model. I rarely upload to the warehouse due to technology problems. Until recently I only had dial up internet access as I live on a farm with no broadband access. I now have a 3G internet dongle allowing me to get broadband on the go. With the dial up most files where to big to upload and on the dongle due to how it connects sketchup doesn't like uploading and comes up saying server error. My only chance to upload is every other weekend when I go to my dads house. I also spend a lot of my time on the xbox until recently when i got the e74 error. So its back to game cube.

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