A Slider Joint

The slider is a type of joint. The object attached to it can only move along the slider's length.


  1. Min: The shortest distance the object can move
  2. Max: The furthest the object can move. Note that a setting of 0 for both will result in an infinitely long slider.
  3. Accel: This states the fastest speed the slider can move at.
  4. Damp: The amount of friction applied to the joint. By varying the accel and damp values, you will normally be able to get the balance of speed, power, and acceleration that you want.
  5. Controller: The Ruby script to control movement; note that this controls by setting the object's position, not gradually moving it.


Like many other joints, the slider can be controlled by both manual inputs and formulas. Although normally it has no controller and is moved manually by the cursor or other objects hitting the attached object. Basically a slider is a sliding hinge.

The UI
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