Written here are some of the many devices/vehicles and contraptions that can be made in sketchy physics. This list will only ever grow longer as people find new ways of doing things and sketchy physics is updated.


  • Gun: Everyone's favourite.Most users will wind up trying to create some kind of gun or general ranged weapon. These have gradually evolved in sketchyphysics over time from single shots to mechanical reloads etc.


The most common sketchy physics model. A vehicle. There is a very wide range of things possible in this category so experiment. Most modellers have there on take on them as well. Some people are beginning to incorporate thrusters into land vehicles to compensate for little traction in sketchyphysics. Some are using a vertical thruster forcing the car into the ground for more traction and some are using the thruster to move the car and hinging the wheels so they spin freely. Both have pros and cons.

Ground Vehicles[]

The 'original' SP models, ground vehicles vary in complexity from carts to cars with full transmission and differentials. The advanced models can perform amazing tricks, and vehicle design and control has progressed to the point where these models can really be called 'games'. These are often the most impressive SP models!

Air Vehicles[]

True air vehicles are a relatively new concept, since they have only been possible since the introduction of magnets and thrusters with SP3. These are often more complex models and much harder to undertake. They also vary in complexity although all are still generally hard to make unless you already know how. Few tutorials exist so it is a case of teach yourself and work it out as you go along. They first appeared in SP2 but these were based off of using a hidden car and putting a plane model on an arm. These were not real flight. In SP3 however we got the thruster setting so this is now used to hold the aircraft in the air allowing for more realistic flight.

Water Vehicles[]

Made using the Water Plane in Plugins > SketchyPhysics > Buoyancy Settings. They first popped up in SP3, And can be hard to control without a gyro. Few people do not know about this setting because they have never checked the folder it is in, And even fewer have made tutorials on how to use it.