The Sketchy Physics challenges are a series of competitions run by the hobbnob that run in a similar way to the google 3D challenges. The difference is that these challenges use sketchyphysics. Each challenge lasts 2 weeks starting and ending on a friday. The challenge is chosen by the winner of a previous challenge. Due to issues with release dates of challenges there is 1 week delay between winning the challenge and then yours being available to enter. The winner of each challenge is chosen by voting on the challenges corresponding post on the Challenge base site. you may enter one model for each challenge, but that model may be editted any number of times before the deadline. You can enter the challenge even if you chose the subject of the challenge. Anyone may enter the challenges and you don't need permission to enter. Of course the model must belong to you. The challenges can be found at: Sketchyphysics challenge base site

The link above has been hijacked. the base site cannot be accessed[]


  • The model must belong to you.
  • The model must be entered within the deadline.
  • You may enter only once
  • Extensions to the same model are allowed.
  • You may only vote once.
  • You may not vote for yourself.
  • THE MODEL MUST HAVE SKETCHY PHYSICS. That does not mean simply a grouped model so that sketchy physics will recognise it. It must do something.