Sketchlord 1 is a massive driving game, still in the design stages. It is a similar affair to Wacov's Motorsketch games, including a boost feature. However, there are some differences, including a gun. I have been developing this for a week now, and it is almost done.

The background[]

The game revolves around a scene in a snowy terrain, similar to a plain. There is a ditch carpeted by grass in between the sides, with a bridge and on the other side, a large pothole. A moveable tree (represented by a cone) sits on the second side. A blue car shares the 1st side with your car. A house and a water tank thing sits on the first side. Leave that first half, travel on the bridge, and you reach the second part. That part is similar to the first part, with terrain.

The car[]

The car has boost, a gun and hydraulic suspension. Use spacebar for the boost, up/down arrows for fwd/reverse,A/D to steer, F,G,H and J for the hydraulics and G to fire the cannon. The car is orange and is very crude and if you crash too hard, you lose your headlamps.