This feature will show you how the object will detect collision.

When Sketchyphysics is deciding where objects should detect collision, it does not simply follow the outline of the model. (This is why new sketchyphysics users find that their creations act as though they are simply a big cube.) Instead, it relies on the settings of the object and any groups inside it. For this reason, it is necessary for the person to be able to see what the Sketchyphysics program is "thinking." So that the person can correct it if it isn't what they were hoping for.

An object set to display its collision detection. While the object is shaped more like a cone, it doesn't register as one. This can be fixed by changing one of the object's settings.

When an object is set to ShowCollision, a wireframe of the object's collision will show up at the beginning of the simulation. It doesn't interact with anything else, and will disappear when the simulation is ended.

Other object states
Static Mesh
Show Collision
No Auto Freeze