Cool extra features:

fluid capabilities:water wind splash effects

giving objects a mass value (May be achieved via script in SP3.5, i.e write in scripted field: setMass(mass) )

adding friction settings

adding chemical and physical properties like fire, melting/boiling points, explosions, temperature, heat flow, electricity, electric field and magnet integration

and a proper help manual in pdf format

General requests for the program

  1. Particle Effects (achieved through lazyscript)
  2. Increased window size for the coding (achieved through lazyscript)
    1. You might want to use notepad++ as it has great syntax highlighter. Copy code into SP once you finish it.
  3. Ability to copy and paste sketchyphysics groups
    1. In SPIV
  4. Ability to create concave hulls
    1. Not possible with the current engine
  5. Increased sound support
    1. Chris is planning a full sound interface, probably for SPIV
  6. Mouse buttons registered just like keystrokes.(already possible)
  7. Introduction of an "Elastic" joint
  8. Ability to define group's weight in UI properties.(achieved through script)
  9. Ability control simulation with external input using serial or etc.
  10. Some kind of "explosion" ability, wherein you can make an object explosive in the shape settings, and the UI settings allow for force, explosion radius, timer, etc.
  11. Ability to increase the mass of an object (without adding any more objects to it)
    1. Possible via script in SP3.5. Open scripted field and write, setMass(mass)
  12. A SP chat tool bar so other SP users can help each other out
  13. A first person controller (keyboard W;A;S;D and mouse)(possible with (lazy)script)
  14. Import a sketchyphysics model in a sketchup file without loosing all information on joint connection.
  15. a more simple "beginner" mode
  16. piston and slider joint with a curve in it, so that it will follow a path.
  17. Convex Hulls that can have any shape, like static mesh, but not static.
  18. Block the Sketchup keys while the animation runs, release them when it's stopped
  19. Very simple: standard 50% opacity for the joints, so I can see what's behind it.

Bugs and glitches[]

  1. Convex Hulls should no longer mess up when resized.
  1. The UI should no longer crash if not clicked.
    1. In SPIV
  2. Emitted objects sometimes do not consistently follow blue axis if moved during simulation. (gun that sometimes fires backwards for example)
    1. This happens because the bullet is collidable. To fix this, set it noncollidable.

For the wiki[]

Any new pages/tutorials you'd like to see on the wiki


  1. Better navigation to get onto pages
  2. Where formulas are given, please describe what they do and how to make them work
    1. Please view the Ruby section (WIP) for information on script (formulas). See Script Overview in Main page.