This new version, is ready to use actual Ruby API script using the Scripted Field. Also, it has a new feature: Density.

Some working scripts[]

Breakable Objects:

  • ontouch{split(self,0)}

Note: You can change the 0 to 1, 2, 3... If the number is above 5, SketchUp will crash.

Teleportation: ontouch{|toucher,speed,pos|





Note: The object will teleport ONLY if it is called 'Sphere', to change it, go to Right Click > Entity Info > Name.

OnClick Scripts:

Note: There are a few onClick Scripts, here are some:

  • onclick{
  • split(self,1)
  • }

  • onclick{
  • destroy
  • }

Some Commands[]

According to a pre-release post in the forum, these are some commands

onstart=Start of simulation
onend=End of sim
ontick=Same as current OnTick
ontouch=Two objects start touching
onuntouch=Two object stop touching
touching=Same as current OnTouch
OnKeyDown=Called once when the user presses a key
OnKeyUp=Called once when the user releases a key

--Sgal93 21:01, 2 July 2009 (UTC)