About the GameEdit

Revenge is a game about a Marine who is hunting down a corrupt General who dishonorably discharged him, but he did not do anything to deserve it.

Released LevelsEdit

Level 1: Released. Link to the model
Level 2: Released. Link to the model
Level 3: Released. Link to the model
Level 4: In Development.
Level 5: Not started.
Level 6: Not started.


The Marine: The unnamed protagonist. Wants to get revenge on the corrupt General.

The General: A corrupt General in the Marines. Responsible for the discharge of The Marine and other war crimes.

Level PlotsEdit

These are different than the ones in the model descriptions.

Level 1: The Marine is in his house, when he gets a call from a friend. He says he needs to talk to you, but not over the phone. He tells you to go to Buzzsaw Valley.

Level 2: After your friend tells you about what the General did, The Marine wants to get back at the General. He takes a flight, and after an emergency landing, everything goes downhill.

Level 3: Read the description on the model page. It says everything.

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