Part of the LazyScript Plugin. A powerful tool that allows you to add real-time particle effects to your models using either the easy-to-use presets or the more in-depth particle creation command, when the presets just won't do.

Easy Particles (only in version 1.0 and above)[]

Very simple to use, a short, single-line command:

easyParticle(type, pos, v1, v2, v3)

"type" selects the preset you wish to use, listed below. This must be a string.

"pos" is the position you want to create the particle at. Use a point or vector here (3-point array)

"v1, v2, v3" are variables. What these do and whether you need to use them vary between the presets, but generally, v1 is the size, and, if allowed, v2 and v3 are the colour and desired velocity respectively.


easyParticle("fire", [100,100,0],10)

easyParticle("dust", [0,0,100], 10, "Red", [0,50,0])

Available presets (in most up-to-date version)

  • "fire" - Simple, multiple-particle effect, with rising yellow particles (S)
  • "smoking fire" - The fire effect, plus a column of black smoke (S)
  • "explosion sq" - Standard quality explosion; a single, short-lived and rapidly expanding yellow particle (S, C)
  • "dust" - Simple dust effect. Particles do not rise or fall, but will move and scale slightly (S, C, V)
  • "smoke" - Simple particle emitter, particles rise quickly, expanding (S, C)

Variables key:

S = Size (Number)

C = Colour (String)

V = Velocity (Vector)


The full particle creation method. Emits a single particle, with the settings you choose.

(Coming soon)