PM3 Supertank.

The PM Supertank Line is a series of heavy artillery tanks created by Platypus5. They can be easily recognized by their general shape and the huge, box-like cannon on the tank's right side that fires an oil-drum sized bullet. Among the most powerful tanks, every tank in the line can destroy a light tank in one or two hits.


So far, three versions of the tank have been created. All of them have heavy firepower and can take lots of punishment, but tend to be somewhat slow.

#PM1:First produced in Sketchyphysics 2. It was armed solely with a heavy cannon on the top. It could store three rounds of ammunition at a time, but more could be created using the "copy object" function. Powerful but innacurate and hard to drive.

PM2:The 2nd one made. Again in Sketchyphysics 2. This version still had the same cannon and reloader, but a lasergun was added as well as two miniguns. The tank was also made slightly more accurate.

PM3:The third and latest version. With the introduction of emitters in SP3 beta, the reloaders were removed. The tank now has almost no recoil, and the miniguns were turned into full-fledged heavy machine guns. It is unlike many other SP3 models in that is uses both sliders and keyboard control. In addition, the laser was moved to a different position, and the tank is faster than the previous two.

Link: the collection containing three versions