In the onTick property, you can write in a Ruby script that will run in a set interval.

Extra info:

Other Properties:
  • If you want to disable the script of an object you can simply uncheck the onTick checkbox; the script will stay on that object, but it will not run in the simulation
  • If you mark an object as 'Ignore,' its scripts will be ignored as well.
  • Remember that every script will increase lag/lower simulation speed, so keep them short and simple.
  • The script in onTick field will be run on every frame of simulation by default, or at the frame-rate you input in the rate field.
  • A high rate is useful for initialization because that script will then only run on frame 0 (the start of simulation).
  • Even a low rate can attribute to huge lag/speed improvements, because an onTick field with rate of 5 will use 5x less computing power then he one with rate of 0 or 1.