A Motor Joint

The motor is a type of joint. Introduced in SketchyPhysics 2, the object attatched to the motor turns at a set value multiplied by the value currently in the controller.


  1. MaxAccel: This states the fastest speed the motor can turn at.
  2. Damp: The amount of friction applied to the joint. By varying the accel and damp values, you will normally be able to get the balance of speed, power, and acceleration that you want.


Like many other joints, the motor can be controlled by both manual input and a formula. The final turning speed is calculated by multiplying the MaxAccel by the current control value.

Many new players find motors hard to work with because in its bare form, the motor can only turn one direction. In SketchyPhysics 2, people would deal with this by creating a motor that spun in the opposite direction and named it "ignore." With the introduction of formulas into the control, you can "subtract" 0.5 from the control value and have the same effect. This will mean that the motor will only turn at half of the MaxAccel, but at least it can go backwards.

Control with the joystickEdit

Setting the controller field to (joyy - 0.5) * n will allow you to use the joystick to control the motor. Set n to the speed you want the motor to turn. If the motor seems to go backward, negate joyy, like this: -(joyy - 0.5) * n

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