SP3 feature Gears

SP3 feature Gears.

How to make gears.

Since the first SketchyPhysics release, the only way to transmit motion was the use of physical gears- which is not practical, especially for complex models. To avoid this problem, since version 3 alpha, via the Joint connection tool (JCT), it's possible to link two joints to make a gear. The value of one joint is transmitted to the other joint. According to the type of joints linked you can have three different gears:

  1. Gear gear: between two hinge-like joints.
  2. Pulley gear: between two slider-like joints.
  3. Rack and Pinion gear: between a slider-like and a hinge-like joint


You can make gears only with the hinge-like and slider-like joints. Universal, ball, gyro, fixed, spring and corkscrew joints can't use this feature.

Use of this featureEdit

  1. Create two joints and group them with the desired objects. This step is important- you can't make gears with ungrouped joints.
  2. Connect the joints to the desired objects.
  3. Click on one joint. If you are creating a worm gear, make sure to click the hinge-like one first.
  4. Ctrl+click on the other joint.
  5. Click OK on the following window
The UI
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