SP3 feature Gears.

How to make gears.

Since the first SketchyPhysics release, the only way to transmit motion was the use of physical gears- which is not practical, especially for complex models. To avoid this problem, since version 3 alpha, via the Joint connection tool (JCT), it's possible to link two joints to make a gear. The value of one joint is transmitted to the other joint. According to the type of joints linked you can have three different gears:

  1. Gear gear: between two hinge-like joints.
  2. Pulley gear: between two slider-like joints.
  3. Rack and Pinion gear: between a slider-like and a hinge-like joint


You can make gears only with the hinge-like and slider-like joints. Universal, ball, gyro, fixed, spring and corkscrew joints can't use this feature.

Use of this feature[]

  1. Create two joints and group them with the desired objects. This step is important- you can't make gears with ungrouped joints.
  2. Connect the joints to the desired objects.
  3. Click on one joint. If you are creating a worm gear, make sure to click the hinge-like one first.
  4. Ctrl+click on the other joint.
  5. Click OK on the following window
The UI
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