A collaborative project on a SketchyPhysics vehicle, using switchable light effects, a first person view camera, and thruster grip technology. It has been expanded on a lot by modelers, and has many features.

Creator: Mr Planet

Contributors: Hobbnob, jake, Rogue®, Wacov , BLANK, Google

Project Page: On the 3D warehousethumb|300px|right|(A relatively old version)

The vehicleEdit

Continually progressing, the vehicle's body was created by Rogue, and originally SketchyPhysicsified by Mr Planet. It includes inertial and normal steering, and artificial, thruster-based grip during acceleration and reverse. This allows driving on extreme off-road terrain (on inclines well above 45 degrees). It is one of an ever-increasing number of vehicles to use a driver's eye-view camera, where you see over the steering wheel and through the windshield. Switchable headlamp effects are created through use of an emitter, which creates the effect every frame the switch is on.

The mapEdit

Various obstacles and a conventional race track have been added to demonstrate the vehicle's abilities, along with two extreme off-road trails. Invisible barriers prevent the player from driving off the edge. Also a testing playground to test its capabilities is included on the map.

Editing HistoryEdit

(Main changes)

  • EDIT: hobbnob here, I made a few adjustments.
  • EDIT: by Rogue. I have added some more obstacles and invisible, crash-safe walls.
  • EDIT: By Mr Planet I have added some textures.
  • EDIT: jake, I've enabled backwards steering.
  • EDIT: Wacov; fixed headlight slowdown issues, lowered Center of Gravity (COG), stopped on-the-spot-steering, patched up the first person view and added 'edit' scene.
  • EDIT: by Rogue. Race track added, interactive objects such as cones and barrels added, water added, interior modified, sun roof added, use sun for shading added for realism, detail added to wheels for smoother ride, and default color of car set as black to remove see-through edges.
  • EDIT By JaviXP. I have added a new trail terrain.
  • EDIT: Wacov, opened barrier to new terrain, smoother ride.
  • EDIT: BLANK - Terrain: Added potholes, made a change to the track, changed the plane to make the landing better. Car: Made handling a lot better, changed rear wheel speed (more sliding and understeer), re-colored chrome/silver bits and added lights. View: Added some "dust clouds."
  • EDIT: Wacov, joined up trails, added terrain on race track, hill on the tunnel.
  • EDIT: Wacov, added experimental ground sensor system. Grip is now only applied when the car is directly over ground, allowing longer jumps. The blue ball shows whether it's on or off, but this will be removed, or replaced with something more elegant.
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