A Fixed Joint

The Fixed joint is the newest of all of the joints. When connected to an object, the object will remain in place unless a "breaking force" has been entered, which will be described later.

At first, the joint seems somewhat useless, but SketchyPhysics 3 (SP3) gave it two purposes. First of all, it allows for emitters and thrusters to be attached to the main object without having to use two movable joints. Second, and just as important, the breakable joint also allows for things to be able to "snap" when they are hit hard enough.


  1. BreakingForce: How hard the object has to be hit in order for it to break free from the joint. If left at 0, the joint will be unbreakable. Finding the right value for your model will normally take some trial and error.
  2. Download sample.

Examples: Try some of these values

Breaking Force = 1
Breaking Force = 10
Breaking Force = 100
Breaking Force = 1000

Now play with the above numbers, only this
time vary the distance between the objects,
while using only one number value above.

You should notice the closer the fixed joint to
the objects the stronger the force needed to break it.
Breaking force is a combination of distance, and the value entered.

Remember that the closer the joint and the object, the stonger the bond (Thanks to force leverage).


Doesn't seem to work with other joints at the same "break" location. Just becomes unbreakable. Ideas? Fixed joints cannot be controlled in any manner at all. The breaking force entry box is white, meaning advanced codes cannot be entered and you may only put in a standard number value.

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