Emitter Armor is a type of armor used by some users in sketchyphysics. First invented by the prominent modeler Camokid11, it consists of an emitter that constantly creates copies of itself at low or no speed and that have almost no lifetime. The result is what amounts to a shield. Sometimes, an ontouch sensor will have to trigger the shield to reduce lag.

Advantages over a regular sized block[]

  • Due to the nature of the collision system, high speed bullets sometimes pass through solid blocks. However, a formal test has shown that emitter armor, for some reason, does a better job at stopping bullets than does a solid block of similar size.


  • When all is said and done, emitter armor causes more lag than a regular block would. This issue can be lessened by having the armor triggered by a button or a touch sensor.
  • Emitter armor leaves a "trail" when it is moved around.