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Internal cameraEdit

Sets the camera onto object. When the simulation plays, the SketchUp camera will center inside the object, viewing out towards its Z axis.

The Z axis is the upper side of your object, so remember to point the object's top side in the direction you want to look.


id - camera identification, if you want to set up more then one camera


internalCamera(nil) #standard use
internalCamera() #it should also be usable like this

Follow cameraEdit

Camera will follow an object from behind; this is very useful for vehicles.

followCamera(id, settings)

id - camera identification, if you want to set up more then one camera, by default just use 'nil'.

settings - an array for the camera's various settings, including its position, and the way it behaves.


followCamera(nil) #standard use, uses preset settings
followCamera() #another standard use

settings[0]=followPosBack #camera backwards distance from object(default 100)
settings[1]=followPosUp #camera upward distance from object(default 20)
settings[2]=followSpring #camera mitigation(default 10)
settings[3]=followAimUp #(default -0.1)
followCamera(nil,settings) #standard use with new settings


This is an unfinished feature. Multiple, switchable cameras will be easily possible once completed.

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