An early bomb made by a user named BTM

Another favorite among SP users is the bomb or explosive. These come in many shapes, sizes and technique. However, the tech has improved with the version, like another favorite, the gun. They range from mechanical devices that displace a couple of objects to powerful, emitter-based designs that can move houses.

Types of bombs[]

  • Hidden piston: This was a very powerful type of bomb. As the name suggests, these bombs consisted of a hidden piston or slider that was connected to an object, most often a cone. When the slider or piston was activated, everything near the object would be launched into the air. These bombs, however, couldn't produce a very authentic explosion, though.
  • Fragbomb: This was a mechanical device which used hinges. This type would be triggered by another object hitting its shell. The hinges would then start turning, and small objects would fly out of the casing. This bomb, although being a realistic representation of a blast or explosion, could only displace a couple of objects; however they were a common method of representing a bomb before emitters. Unfortunately, these bombs were often too sensitive to be made into mobile devices.
  • Emitter Bomb:

    The explosion of an emitter bomb.

    When emitters became introduced in SP3, users like Platypus5 began to replace fragbombs with this new and fresh type of explosive. The first demonstration consisted of 2 coded objects that were triggered by the space key. These bombs could move objects and they had an authentic explosion. They are rarely used in other models, however, and generate a considerable amount of lag when activated.
  • Lazyscript Bomb: While there is no single method that Lazyscript bombs use, they often incorporate elements of all the others.
  • Magnet bomb A.K.A Magbomb: In addition to the emitters, there are also magnetically triggered explosives. These consist of a static magnetic object and panels using the magnetic state. When the magnet is triggered, the panels are stripped from the bomb. If there are any objects nearby, they will get damaged. These also existed in SP 2 OB1. The main difference was the fact that the Sketchyphysics 2 versions used a magnet joint, not an object using the magnet property.

Here are some bombs from the 3D Warehouse that have been selected:

"Sketchyphysics Bomb" By BTM:

"Advanced bomb sketchyphysics" By Hobbnob:

"Nuclear Bomb Sketchyphysics 3.2" By Alexander Racini Junior: